Friday, October 1, 2010

The Return To Black Lake......Part IX, "Last Chance Friday"

One of the last fish we caught on our 6 days of fishing in northern New York.
When:Friday, September 24th, from 6am to 1pm
Where:Black Lake
What:Fishing the weedbeds for largemouth and northerns
Weather:Cool, cloudy morning with a mild NW wind that shifted to an unfishable 30mph SW wind around noon.
Moon:Morning after the full.

Whether you're a Bassmaster Elite or a weekend worm-drowner, having a little local knowledge always helps. No matter how long I studied the map and how much I learned on-line and on the water, getting a few tips from anglers who have been fishing Black Lake for 35 years sure couldn't hurt.

Flashback to April of 2006.
I'm fishing on Wheeler Lake in Alabama with professional bass angler Travis Rulle. Travis was determined to find a channel through a set of stumps on the Decatur flats so we could effectively fish them without killing his boat. We had no success. A couple hours later, we bumped into a father and his son (locals) who were fishing for crappie in another part of the lake. Travis mentioned he could not find the channel, and having been cordial to said crappie fishermen, they told us what we needed to know. Following instructions, we headed back and motored slowly down the rip-rap near the flats until we saw a dead tree on the bank with a yellow bucket hanging on it. We banged the left, and we were in the channel.

Back to Black Lake.

When we arrived back from our less-than-par Thursday, a few regulars on the lake shared some information that would lead to a successful last day on the lake. They told us that a ton of pike and largemouth were holding in the weedbeds in 7 to 8 feet of water, told us where we could find such structure and let us know that spinnerbaits would do the trick of keeping the weeds off long enough to get some strikes.

We set out Friday morning looking to do a re-run of Tuesday, but this time with a solid Plan B in the back pocket. After drifting the weedline at the mouth of Upper Big Bay didn't produce a hit, we quickly scrapped the pattern that had worked a few days earlier and headed up to the shallows by Davis Monument

We  tied on spinnerbaits and immediately started catching fish. The action wasn't as fast and furious as the guys had mentioned it was the day before, but we did have a steady pick of largemouth bass and northern pike. Plus, those guys later told me that this day they caught nothing. Chris and I continued to work the area around the monument and later relocated to the other end of the lake. There, the same depth and same pattern produced the same steady action. After we landed a good amount of largemouth and decent amount of pike, Mother Nature made the final call. The glassy surface of the lake quickly swelled as the winded shifted to the southwest and picked up to nearly 30mph. We let the wind take us back towards the Log Cabins, and in the process picked up two more bass on spinnerbaits. After that, the wind REALLY picked up, and we realized that our fishing on Black Lake was done.

For now.......

Next Up:The fall striper run is in effect, so I think I may try some striper fishing......starting tomorrow, with Chris, on the pier by the Hyatt in Jersey City. River may be a little two swift to fish due to the monsoon, but we won't be far from home.

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