Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Better Late Than Never.......

A 26-inch, 5.4-pound walleye that I caught fishing with my Dad on Lake Hopatcong.
When:Monday, October 25th, from 7:30 am to noon
Where:Lake Hopatcong
What:Fishing with my Dad
Weather:Partly Cloudy and warm. High into the low 70's. Wind picked up to 12+mph from the SW
Moon:Waning, four days after full

It's nice to know that I have an audience.

Believe it or not, there was actually more than one inquiry as to whether or not I ventured outside last weekend and if I was going to post a blog.

Well, it's been quite a week. Here is the post, better late than never.

While my loyal readers have been patiently waiting to see what was caught or where was hiked, I have been impatiently waiting to hear about a new job. I'm pleased to announce, that after a long, prosperous term with White Glove Moving and Storage, that I am taking my talents to Springfield (see LeBron James) to start what will hopefully be a wonderful career with a great company.

I start Monday.

In preparation for my new career, I had arranged for an "in limbo" week with my former boss and dear friend. Among the many things on my "to do list," number one was to go fishing with my father.

A beautiful Monday presented the perfect opportunity for us to hit the big lake without the weekend boat traffic.
We got to Dow's (of course) before sun-up and spent some time chatting with Laurie before heading out into some thick fog. Luckily, there were no speed boats to broadside us. In fact, we saw only one other boat and arrived to a vacant Chestnut Point......a rare occasion. We set-up with herring on Lindy rigs and I tested out a variety of jigs as well. I was marking fish off the bottom, but the hits were hard to come by. Dad got whacked once and I had a fish come off right at the boat before I got to see it. In the late morning, the walleye you see up top hit a yellow Got Cha plug. It would be my only fish of the day, but hell, I'll take it. Dad landed the smallmouth off Nolan's Point a little later. The rest of our effort came up short and the wind finally drove us off the lake shortly after noon.
It was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, the company couldn't have been better and we caught a couple fish. You really can't ask for much more than that.

The days since Monday have been a bit hectic, but a good hectic indeed. I've spent a little too much time on this here computer, reading hundreds of pages of notes and taking tests. This post would have definitley taken a few more days had I not brewed myself some coffee to complete the last minute prep for my new venture.

I'm not sure exaclty what the future holds, but I'm pretty sure that it holds one more day of fishing with Chris Martalus before this whole thing gets started. I promise to get the blog up before I leave.

I can hardly wait.

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