Monday, October 4, 2010

Back At It

A small bluefish caught within view of Manhattan.
When:Saturday, October 2nd, from 12pm to 4pm
Where:The Hudson River, from Exchange Place, Jersey City
What:Fishing with fresh bunker
Weather:Amazing. Warm, high near 70 with a reasonable NW wind.
Moon:Waning, a half-dozen or so days before new.
River/Tide:Incoming tide. High around 3:45 pm. River slightly stained due to recent rain. Current not too crazy being closer to the full moon.

What exactly does one do after they have spent 6 straight days fishing?

They go fishing again.....of course.

After our first week back at work, Chris and I once again had an itch to wet a line on the weekend. Sunday was going to be out, and since I had the cable guy on Saturday morning and Chris had plans Saturday night, we only had a window of a few hours to get in some fishing. Driving out west was going to be out of the question, so we decided to hit the pier by the Hyatt to see if any of the big fall bass were lurking in the Hudson River

We picked up semi-fresh bunker from Trueworld Tackle in Bayonne and easily found parking a couple blocks from the water. Once at the end of the pier, we tied fishfinder rigs with 5-ounce pyramids and sent big bunker chunks to the bottom of the river.

And waited.

After a short time without a fish, Chris rigged a spare rod with smaller pieces of bait, tossed it in the slack water and immediately started seeing strikes. After seeing him land a small striper and a small bluefish, I followed suit with my additional set-up.

I'm no dummy.

The next two hours we had nearly non-stop action, although some of that action was from giant blue-claw crabs and smaller fish that didn't stay on the hook. By the time we needed to leave, we landed probably a half-dozen bluefish in addition to the small bass. I caught a short fluke to boot.

We didn't catch anything huge, but since this day was looking like a wash, it was great that I got to catch anything at all. I later spoke to a couple guys who were downriver on the bay, and it seems as we did better right at home.  Said one, "we couldn't find the bluefish."

Luckily for Chris and I, the bluefish found us.