Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Return To Black Lake......Part VII, "Wednesday Afternoon Crappie"

One of the many crappie that Chris pulled from Fish Creek.

When:Wednesday, September 22nd (first day of Autumn) from 3pm to 6pm
Where:Fish Creek, Black Lake
What:Fishing for Crappie
Weather:Overcast and cool with a 10mph NE wind
Moon:Waxing, day before full

Although we were on vacation, Chris and I agreed that it might not be such a bad idea to get some rest. We opted to sleep in on Wednesday, hit-up Ogdensburg for sanity and supplies and then see if we couldn't locate the crappie in the afternoon.

Success on all fronts.

Let me preface the "skunk" I got by saying that I do not, nor may I ever understand the attraction to crappie fishing. That being said, although I do not find it appealing, the VAST majority of company we had on Black Lake was doing just that: fishing for crappie. So, as we drifted down Fish Creek in primo crappie water, and Chris pulled in panfish after panfish; I tossed lures in hopes of catching a few bass and instead caught nothing.

No shame, I brought this one upon myself.

We had picked out a few spots the day before, but some last minute info from a 125 year-old local (drift, don't drift, drift) made us change our minds.

It worked.

Once the boat was loaded, we motored across the lake and carefully navigated the mouth of Fish Creek. We then cut the engine and proceeded to fish the blow-downs and shoreline structure. Crappie and other panfish seemed to be hiding behind every branch and under every bush, and Chris made quick work out catching a bunch of them. I tossed every lure and soft-plastic I had in my bag in hopes of catching a largemouth, but to no avail.

This didn't make perfect sense to me, as it looked like perfect bass habitat. In the end, however, the only bass that was caught was caught by Chris; while he was fishing for crappie.

So it goes.

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