Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Return To Black Lake......Part VIII, "Indian River Thursday"

The lone fish I caught on our slowest day of fishing.
When:Thursday, September 24th, from 6am to 2pm

Where:The Indian River near Rossie, Black Lake
Weather:Cool and breezy. High near 70, wind NW up to 20mph.
Moon:Day of the full moon.

In the time I spent looking at the map of Black Lake, two spots on the Indian River caught my eye for having  potential. One was the previously mentioned hole below the "rock walls" and the second was another hole at the bottom of the falls near the town of Rossie. Since we were fairly confident that the main lake was still experiencing at least some degree of turnover and the majority of boats we saw were huddled into Indian River, we figured this might be a good place to fish.

This time we were wrong.

The boat ride from the Log Cabins to the rock walls takes about a half an hour. Traveling across the main lake, we headed south through the narrows and through Grindstone Bay to the mouth of the Indian River. Less than a mile down is a sheer rock cliff with a 50-foot deep hole at the bottom in an otherwise 10-foot river. We tried a couple drifts, then anchored, but despite reading fish on the sonar we caught nothing.

After a couple hours of not getting a bite, we decided to make the rest of the ride and found the 40-foot hole by the falls in Rossie.

Same story.

Except for two sunfish....that is.

On our way back to the main lake, we took a few tosses at the rock walls. This produced my only fish of the day, a smallmouth bass.

By now the wind was picking up and we needed a change of venue as well as a change in plans. We left Grindstone Bay and set up a drift into Mile Arm Bay.  The long drift down the weedline in 20-feet of water didn't produce a damn thing, but Chris did catch a decent largemouth when we came further into the weedbeds in 7-feet of water.

Turns out this is where all the fish were, as we would later find out the next day.

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