Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Return To Black Lake......Part VI, "Go Big Or Go Home Tuesday"

A 26-inch northern taken from the mouth of Upper Big Bay on "Go Big Or Go Home Tuesday"
When:Tuesday, September 21st, from 6am to 1pm
Where:Upper Big Bay, Black Lake
What:Fishing for northern pike
Weather:Overcast and cool. Wind picked up to over 20mph around noon.
Moon:Waxing, 2 days before full.

Chris and I had only one thing on our mind when we woke up on Tuesday.......northern pike. We called this "Go Big Or Go Home Tuesday" since the only live bait and lures we brought with us were intended for larger game.This would be our first time specifically targeting these toothy predators with only our own resources at our disposal.

Seeing that we landed 6 and missed a few more in a half-day's fishing, I'm deeming this endeavor a major success.

We made it to the mouth of Upper Big Bay before sun-up, with the mist still coming off the lake. We set our drift off the point and proceeded to let the wind carry us down the weed-edge in 10-feet of water. I started off on fire, as my first five casts with the Daredevle produced two average pike a the respectable largemouth you see in the picture.

The action slowed-up after that, but I would add one more pike to the day's total and fail to hook-up on a couple more strikes.

The final pike that I caught came off of a point that is rumored to sometimes have a musky patrolling the area. We had this in mind as we were tossing our big baits. Although we did not hook up with a musky, said pike had some massive, fresh teeth marks in it that needed no explanation. I guess some rumors are true.

Chris and I would match each other pike for pike on this day. He had the pool winner, but the bass gave me the high hook. After an hour without a fish in which the wind picked up to a steady 20mph with gusts to 30, we decided to call it an early day and headed home to get some rest.

I foresee much more pike fishing in our future.

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