Friday, September 17, 2010

The Return To Black Lake......Part II, "The Night Before"

The majority of the gear that will be coming to Black Lake.
So here I am, less than 12 hours before Chris Martalus and I shove off for 8 straight days of fishing on Black Lake in far upstate New York. This coming Sunday, we will be fishing for northern pike on the St. Lawrence River on the Canadian border, but other than that, our time will be spent on a 16-foot V-Hull on the 10,000-plus acre Black Lake.

It's been about a decade since my first and only trip to this beautiful lake that lies on the outskirts of the Adirondack Mountains, just a dozen or so miles from Canada. My last time there, I was poorly equipped and misinformed.......and I caught a ton of fish. This time, a bit older and a bit wiser, I am reservedly optimistic that there will be great things to come.

Our quarry will be walleye, northern pike, slab crappie and black bass. I'm sure we'll take a shot at the monster Black Lake channel catfish as well.

On my bed right now are a handful of tackle bags packed with thousands of stickbaits, crankbaits, topwaters, suspending minnows, trolling lures, musky lures, jig-heads, jigging lures, soft-plastics and just about anything else that I could possibly need. There are also 13 fishing rods and 13 reels which cover everything from fishing small 1/16-ounce crappie jigs to trolling for muskie. Portable sonar, rain gear and warm clothes will come in handy as well.

As for now, it's only the second inning of the Yankee game. A-Rod homered in the top-half at Camden Yards, but the O's are threatening in the bottom. I probably won't make it much longer as I need to get to bed, although I sincerely doubt that I'll be getting much sleep tonight.

Next Up:Leaving for Black Lake tomorrow for 8 days. There shall be no posts for the next 10 days, but please check-in then to see what we caught.

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