Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Beginning Or The End?

A lowly bullhead caught on Labor Day at the Duck Pond.
When:Labor Day. Monday, September 6th, from 6am to 8am
What:Catfishing with Lindsay
Weather:Cooler, but still warm. Calm wind.
Moon:Waning, two days before the New Moon.

Lindsay is convinced that she is bad luck for catfishing, despite my insistence that it's just not possible.

However, after my 7th trip to the hallowed grounds this year, and the first that my spot has not produced a channel cat, I'm beginning to suspect she's right. It's also much more comforting to think that my failure was rooted in hex rather than ineptitude.

I guess we'll never know.

Although only one small bullhead made it to shore this day, there was something much bigger at work. It had to do with the hint of fall chill in the air when we hopped into my truck in the morning, the sun coming over the horizon at 6:30 in instead of 5 and the water temperatures beginning to take their annual dive.

Yes my friends, although the calendar says we still have a couple dozen days left.......summer has ended.

It's funny how things change though. Five years ago, this was one of the saddest times of the year for me.

Now, it's the most exciting.

Having picked up a thing or two, I am now well-aware that fishing actually stinks during the summer. As fishing gradually improves, the crowds will disappear as kids go back to school and temperatures continue to drop. I will once again be able to fish Hopatcong on the weekends. Also, where I used to think that ice fishing was punishment, I now find myself counting down the days until my favorite lakes begin to freeze.

There's also a vacation in my very near future.

So, although Labor Day can be viewed as an end to the summer, I see only opportunity. There are some exciting things on the horizon, promising even better times to come.

Next Up:Some big-leauge preparations and only 10 days until The Return To Black Lake.

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