Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winning Colors

When:Saturday, September 21st
Where:The Borgata, Atlantic City
What:Janice's Birthday Celebration
Weather:Dimly lit and air-conditioned

Although there was no real "outdoor adventure" this past weekend, I did have myself a real nice time.

A gaggle of Loderstedts, Sobels, Sudlers, a Palmer, a Modoski and Amy headed down to AC to celebrate Lindsay's mother's birthday.

We had a ball.

Shortly after our arrival, however, I found myself in a bit of a predicament. I don't drink, play cards or enjoy quickly losing money in slot machines, and Lindsay's brother Rob and I had 5 hours to kill while the women did whatever it is that women do.

I do.....however....LOVE horseracing. And the Borgata has a Racebook.

Old men, cigar smoke, yelling; who could ask for more? Not me.

So, Rob and I spent 5 hours placing our wagers at various tracks around the USA. I wasn't wagering much, but had lost about $50 or $60 when Lindsay came to join us. I asked her for two numbers, played a $2 exacta and......WINNER. One of the horses was a long-shot and it paid $120.

Losses recouped, and more.

An hour or so later, I hit one more for $130. With the wagers I placing, there was no way that I wasn't going home a winner, which I did.

At some point, Rob and I also got Liz hooked on racing and I think we'll be having all of our group-events from now on at either Monmouth Park or a Manahattan OTB.

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