Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Redneck Riviera

A down-home ornament greets guests at Dieter Scheel's Redneck BBQ.
When:Saturday, July 10th, from 2pm to 9pm
Where:Lambertville and Bull's Island State Park
What:Dieter Scheel's Redneck BBQ followed by a few hours of fishing
Weather:Overcast, but not too hot. Calm wind.
Moon:Waning, one day before New.
River:Rising. Local storms had the Delaware moving swift and the water clarity down.

The first thing that Dieter said to Chris Martalus and I when we arrived at his boat club was "welcome to the redneck Riviera."

I felt right at home.

Dieter keeps his River Pro in Lambertville on the Delaware River. Although fishing was not on his agenda this day, he captained his boat for the purpose of towing a tube with various picnic-goers clinging to it for dear life. I had a ball skidding across the river at 50 or so miles an hour and Chris took his turn as well.

Check out his ride.......................

We drank kegged birch beer, feasted on vittles and played horeshoes. Dieter knows how to throw a party and it was well worth the trip.

Also, since we were in the area, Chris and I had conveniently packed a couple fishing rods and some river shoes so we could get in a few hours of fishing. We drove north out of Lambertville, through Stockton and up to Bull's Island State Park. The river was up a bit from the recent rain and was flowing much faster than when Lindsay and I had been there in the spring. Nevertheless, we splashed into the water and started tossing nightcrawlers into the breaks in the current.

I immediately scored a smallmouth and had landed three before Chris got on the board. I was starting to worry that he might extend his slump, but he got hot and caught his share of fish.

After wading through some mildly-frightening, deep, swift water, we soon came upon some calmer portions of the river and a long pool that we never would have found without doing a little bushwacking. The pool was huge and I could tell that it was rocky by the shoreline structure.

For those of you not in the know, this is prime river habitat for fish. That became even more evident as Chris and I proceeded to pull out close to a dozen smallmouth, two nice channel catfish and a nice white perch from probably no more than a 15-yard stretch of river. A mental note has been made.

We trudged up the river a little further to the spot where Lindsay had caught a walleye, however, the topwater bite at dusk never materialized and we called it quits at dark.

Although our last 30 minutes of fishing was pretty quiet, this was yet another successful day on the water. I think that somewhere back at the beginning of the year I had predicted that this would be the best fishing year to date, and I think it already is. Ice fishing was amazing, the stripers were biting on our trip with Dieter, the bass were plentiful every time we were hit Clinton, little Patrick scored a bass, the catfish have treated me well and the Delaware served up some smallies. It's pretty damn hot these days and I think that aside from wetting a few lines off the beach, there may not be many more freshwater trips this summer. However, with a day on the St. Lawrence River followed by a week on Black Lake in September, fall jigging on Hopatcong and another striper run, 2010 has truly epic potential.

Next up: Tossing a few plugs off the surf in Long Branch on Sunday, the 18th. Also, only 67 more days until The Return To Black Lake.

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