Monday, June 7, 2010

Marathon Number Two

Captain Chris Lido with an impressive largemouth from his home waters.
When:Saturday, June 5th, from 5am to 9pm (don't try this at home kids)
Where:Warren and Hunterdon County
What:Canoe fishing for crappie, stream walking for trout, shore fishing for bass, stream walkng for anything and jon-boat fishing for everything
Weather:Partly cloudy, high in the 80's, calm wind
Moon:One day after the last quarter

The day finally arrived when I was going to wet a line with Chris Lido, although it was going to have to wait until 5:30 pm. That did, however, give Chris Martalus and I all morning and most of the afternoon to catch some fish.

We did.

Pick-up at my abode was 4am and once again Martalus had his canoe atop his Jeep, which seems to be suffering from a muffler problem. We skipped the live herring for the morning session and dunked the canoe in a small pond in Warren County. There are few things that Martalus loves more than catching crappie and that's why we chose this particular hole. I tied on the bass lures and he tied on the crappie jigs.

He was much more successful.

Chris Martalus with his prized crappie.
Now, regardless of what I tell you, I don't like it all that much when people catch more fish than me. So, after Spruce Run Creek failed to produce a trout and Martalus started off location #3 with a few quick bass, I was starting to wonder if it just wasn't my day.

That would change.

I stumbled upon some bass holding in shallow water in the back of one of the Hoffman Pond's we were fishing, however, getting them to bite was another story. The weedless Senkos didn't cut it and neither did the Texas-rigged plastics. My third attempt was to wacky-rig the Senkos and that did the trick. I landed eight bass and had several more strikes over the next hour or so. It was bass fishing at its finest, even though it was the middle of the day.

Note: Never buy Gary Yamamoto Senkos. They're way over-priced and are made of some crap rubber that falls apart after every bite. Yum Dingers are a few dollars less, you get 5 more and they hold up for several fish. Even generic Cabelas brand will do. A Senko is a Senko and there is no need to pay the money for Yamamoto's that are just not durable enough for the money. They stink.

After the Hoffman Ponds, it was once again time for ice cream and coffee in lovely downtown Clinton. Martalus and I then spent a fruitless hour ankle-deep in the South Branch before heading over to meet Chris Lido. Just after 5:30, the three of us and a ton of gear were weighing down Lido's jon-boat and we were ready to catch some fish. Since we were fishing in his old backyard, Martalus and I just followed his lead.

By the time we came ashore in the same spot around 9pm, we had boated probably every species of panfish along with scores of largemouth and smallmouth. We tried to entice carp feeding under a mulberry tree, but that would have to wait for another day. Lido had both the pool winner and the high hook, but this being his home turf, I didn't feel so bad. We helped hoist his boat on his Jeep and we parted ways.

After a long day filled with lots of fish and little sleep, I did have my concerns about Martalus' ability to get us home safely. There were a few moments near Newark Airport when I thought he might be falling asleep, but we made it back to Chilltown safe and sound. This was the second time we've done marathon-style fishing in the last month, however, we may want to factor in the driving hazard before trying it again. In any event, we live to fish another day.

Special thanks to Chris Lido for showing us the ropes in his old 'hood.

Next up: Hiking with Janel and Lindsay on Saturday the 12th, followed up by a quick shot at a monster Hackesack River carp.

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