Monday, May 31, 2010

Full Moon Fever

A nice largemouth bass taken from a rented canoe.
When:Saturday, May 29th, from 8am to 11am then 3pm to 6pm
Where:Warren and Hunterdon County
What:Shore fishing with Lindsay, Pat and Patrick then canoeing/fishing with Lindsay
Weather:High near 80. Cloudy morning skies parted for a sunny afternoon.
Moon:Day after full.

Some anglers and hunters swear by lunar tables that predict optimal fishing times. Some think they're a bunch of hooey. I've never been able to figure out if there is any truth to fish activity on or around full and new moons and subsequently don't plan my fishing trips around them.

Pat and I made plans to take his son fishing to our favorite water hole a few weeks back and then just last week I noticed we would be fishing on the day after a full moon.
I'm not sure what factors contributed to our success, whether it was the moon, the cloudy skies, our prime fishing locations or the fact that the bass were done spawning. Maybe it was a little of each, but the bottom line is that IT WAS ON!!!!!

Lindsay and I hit Dow's Boat Rentals at around 6am since Musconetcong Bait and Boat didn't give me a warm fuzzy that they were going to still have live herring when we got there. We hopped back on 80 West and met Pat and Patrick near the Water Gap fully intent on getting the little guy some fish.

We did.

Everyone hopped in my truck, we took a short drive and found ourselves fishing by 8am. Lindsay got the day started with a pickerel and Patrick scored some hefty panfish and landed his first largemouth bass.

Pat was on fire as well, landing bass after pickerel after bass on Yamamoto Senkos.

I made my contributions to the fish count as well, and after several fish and some nice pictures, we headed out and the boys headed back East.

Lindsay and I had considered heading to the Marshall's Creek flea market in PA, however, the 6 mile line of traffic heading over the I-80 bridge changed our minds.

So we headed South.

A couple hot dogs, a short drive and some cold espresso later, we found ourselves on a rented canoe in the same place that Chris and I were just a couple weeks ago.

This time Hi-Way Sports had delivered and we had 40 live herring in tow.

It took us only an hour and a half to go through them. The action was as fast and as furious as it's been in awhile. Lindsay and I scored countless largemouth and smallmouth. Two huge perch were added to the total as well as several small panfish on the trip back.

We returned the canoe and celebrated with ice cream in Clinton.

So, getting back to the full moon. This was nothing short of a phenomenal day. We caught a ton of fish, good ones too, and didn't even fish the praised wee hours of the morning or dusk. Was it the location, the weather, the time of year, or was our success rooted in the fact that we were fishing on the day after a full moon?

We may never know.

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