Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eine Kleine Nachtfishing

Chris Martalus with his first hybrid striped bass.

When:Friday, May 7th, from 8pm to 1am
Where:Lake Hopatcong
Weather:Got cool real quick when the sun went down. Got breezy too.

As the week wore on, it became more and more apparent that the striper charter on the Last Lady II was going to get canned. Weather reports had nothing good to say about Saturday, and Sunday being Mother's Day, it looked liked I was going to get shut-out of fishing for a weekend.

However, like I always say, one door closes and another opens, and Chris Martalus was on-call for last-minute plans. Knowing well that Saturday was going to be out of the question, our only hope was to sneak in a few hours before the weather arrived, on Friday night.

We hit the road after work, and after a little expected traffic, we were on Nolan's Point with livers, lures and herring as the sun was dropping out of sight.

I spent awhile tossing lures to no avail, and after dark, Chris and I made ourselves comfortable with a couple lines in the water.

Fishing wasn't great by any means, but we each managed a catfish and Chris landed his first hybrid striped bass while fishing off the bottom with a chicken liver.

It would have definitely been nice to walk away from Nolan's Point with a more respectable fish to my name, but I guess I was lucky to have even wet a line.

I guess "a little fishing" is always better than "no fishing" and "one fish" is undoubtedly better than "no fish."

Next up:An all day affair (1/2 Budd Lake, 1/2 South Branch with Hot Dog Johnny's in between) on Chris' canoe on the 15th followed by two nights of camping with Lindsay on Bull's Island (and hopefully a day on the water with Gabriel and Big "D" River guide Deeter Scheel) the weekend of the 21st.

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