Monday, May 24, 2010

Bull's Island And Big "D" River Guide

Yours truly with a 30-inch Delaware River striped bass.

When:Friday, May 21st through Sunday, May 23rd
Where:Bull's Island Recreation Area, The Delaware River and Tinicum, PA
What:Camping with Lindsay, fishing with Dieter and Lindsay, hiking with Lindsay
Weather:Warm and muggy Friday night, cloudy and cool on Saturday with rain late in the day, cloudy and cool on Sunday.

Lindsay and I both met Big "D" River guide Dieter Scheel at the Oaks outdoors show a few months back. From what Gabriel has told me, pictures I have seen, Youtube videos and a recent cover of the New Jersey Angler, it didn't take much to figure out that as far as fishing on the Delaware River is concerned, Dieter's the man.

He said that we should go fishing some time and I thought that was a great idea.

So here we are at the end of May and I'm looking to get out of town for a weekend. Lindsay and I originally wanted to find a bed and breakfast for a weekend in Lambertville, however, most were already booked and the few that were vacant were absurdly expensive.

So we decided to camp.

Lindsay with more of her stellar camera work

Bull's Island Recreation Area is 7 miles north of Lambertville and is conveniently nestled between the Delaware and Raritan Canal and the Delaware River. The area is perfect for hiking, canoeing, kayaking and shore fishing. Since I like to do my share of fishing and since we were in town, I decided to give Dieter a call and see if he was available.

He wasn't, but he did us a huge favor. Thanks Dieter.

I woke my trooper up at 3am on Saturday and we met Dieter at 5am at the boat launch in Yardley, PA. By 5:25am, Lindsay had hooked, fought and successfully landed her first striped bass, also the largest fish she has ever caught. We then headed down to Trenton to catch our legal limit of herring on Sabiki rigs then back to drift with our freshly caught live bait.

We had action.

The herring were getting slammed on every drift, although some by small fish that didn't get hooked. By days end, we boated 7 stripers, the largest of which you see above. Dieter took us on a beautiful ride up to Lambertville and Lindsay even got to catch up on the sleep she missed the night before. The weather was gorgeous, the river was beautiful and we caught a bunch fish.

Anyone interested in catching fish on the Delaware should check out Big "D" River Guide at The striped bass will be moving out, but Dieter will be fishing for smallmouth and walleye all summer.

Which brings us to around 2pm on Saturday and off the water. Dieter headed home and Linds and I headed to camp with coffee and some "antiquing" in Lambertville on the way. After some campfire Kielbasa, we decided to spend sundown by the river and I brought along a fishing rod.


I tied on the Spro BBZ-1 Shad and quickly got it snagged. Retrieving it required the removal of my boots and while I was putting them back on, Lindsay caught this walleye.

My manhood may have been slightly threatened if I hadn't followed up her fish with a smallmouth bass. In all honesty though, her's was the better catch.

After fishing, it was right to bed.

The next day had us waking up late, cooking bacon and cleaning up camp. After we departed Bull's Island, we headed across the river into PA via Bridge Street in Stockton and made our way to Ralph Stover State Park in Tinicum.

One of many overlooks on the High Rocks Trail at Ralph Stover State Park.
We took a short hike and then a long, slow drive up scenic River Road until we hit 78 East and crossed back over the river towards home.

Our last and final stop would be in downtown Clinton for ice cream and coffee.

What a weekend.

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