Saturday, April 10, 2010

A First Time For Everything

This here largemouth hit this here Yum Dinger an hour before the KDC meeting.

When: Friday, April 9th, from 6pm to 7pm
Where: Lake Hopatcong
What: An hour of fishing before the Knee Deep Club meeting
Weather: Cool and breezy. Temp in the 50's, wind up in the teens.

When Joe Tekula asked me to speak at a Knee Deep Club meeting, I was undoubtedly honored......and a little nervous to say the least.

After all, these are guys that know how to fish the big lake; the guys I have seen in pictures holding up trophy after trophy caught from Lake Hopatcong. I am no doubt the new kid on the block and probably every member of the club could teach me a thing or two about catching walleye, hybrid stripers or musky.

Luckily, however, the topic was to be something that I know a thing or two about.............pickerel.

I cut out of work an hour early as I figured I was going to hit some snarling traffic. No surprise there. I also figured it would give me a little time to fish and unwind before the meeting, which I did.

It took me almost two hours to get from work to the State Park which is no more than 200 yards from the Civic Center where the meetings are held. I tossed a Mepps spinner and scored a fat pumpkinseed and minutes later landed the bass you see above on the Yum Dinger you see above. Not too bad.

I also saw a gentleman successfully land his first walleye while fishing from shore a few yards away from me. The only problem was that this being his first walleye, he didn't realize they have some sharp objects in their maws and tried lipping the little fella like it was bass.

Blood followed shortly thereafter.

All seemed to be okay though, and after showing me the fish and the wound, we parted ways, me to give my first talk at the Knee Deep Club and him to go and get himself a mighty-big band-aid.


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