Friday, April 23, 2010

Fishing With Dad

Dad proudly holding up one of Lake Hopatcong's many chain pickerel.

When:Thursday, April 22nd, from 6am to 2pm
Where:Lake Hopatcong
What:Fishing with Dad
Weather:Perfect. Chilly morning turned to warm partly cloudy day with an 8mph west wind. Storms later.

I can't recall if there was ever a time when I didn't tie my own knots, take out my own tangles and bait my own hooks, but there were countless occasions when Dad made all the arrangements and took me fishing.

It's nothing short of an absolute pleasure when I get to return the favor.

Dad is mostly a saltwater guy these days and spends the majority of his fishing time scouring the Raritan Bay for striped bass and fluke. I prefer the lakes, ponds and rivers of northern New Jersey, however, Dad and I do our best to find time to fish together. It always seems that Mother Nature smiles upon us and we always seem to have a wonderful time.

This would be the fourth time that I've gotten Dad on Hopatcong in the last year and the fourth time that he has caught some fish. I can't even begin to explain how good it feels, after everything he has done for me, to see Dad fighting a fish that I helped him find.

Fishing was a bit slow, but we did manage to catch a few and I can't think of many things better than slowly puttering around my favorite lake on a gorgeous day, spending time and fishing with my father.

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