Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ten Casts

When: Monday, April 12th from 6pm to almost 8pm
What: Catfishin'
Weather: In the 60's with a light breeze.

Back in the day I used to have a "balls to the wall" outlook on fishing, and if I was going to go I needed a minimum of seven hours to do my thing. Although this may have paved the way for some successful outings, it undoubtedly cost me a few as well. For some reason I had a bizarre notion that if I couldn't spend the entire day on the lake (or the bay, ocean or river) that it just wasn't worth it.

Today I live by a much different code.

I think Darren Dorris puts it best, and he kindly shared his philosophy with me while we were working together at the Saltwater Expo in Somerset.

Ten Casts. Sometimes that's all it takes to scratch the itch and keep one sane.

Although I have lived in places that were much more conducive to taking ten casts before work, after work or on a weekend, I still have at least two options.

I can leave work, pick up bunker or clams at True World Tackle, stop home for my surf tackle and be on the pier near Exchange Place striper fishing by 6pm. Tides can always be a factor, but beggars can't be choosers.

I can also hit the catfish hole, which is what I did on this day. Catfish being somewhat (although some people will tell you entirely) nocturnal, it took awhile before I finally landed one, and then it was time to go. However, for someone like me who likes to keep themselves as busy as humanly possible and only really sits still when he is fishing, it can do a world of wonders for calming the nerves.

Next Stop: Sunday, Lake Hopatcong with Chuck.


  1. Mark, I was referred to your website from my girlfriend Vanessa. She works at LVMH with your fiancee. You have a very interesting array of fishing trips. I have a fantastic Muskie lake for you to try out. I have had some success last year in December catching 4 muskies in a 2 day period with a total of 8 hours on the lake. I live in Phillipsburg and fish there area quite extensively. One of my favorite lakes is Merrill Creek Reservoir which is only twenty minutes from door to launch. I would love to chat with you and swap fishing stories. Ou can find me on Facebook... Kevin Fenlon.
    Looking forward to hearing from you Mark... tight lines!