Monday, March 15, 2010

The Asbury Park Fishing Flea Market

Custom-made plugs crafted by Gary Soldati of Big Water Lures.

When: Sunday, March 14th, from 9am to 2pm
Where: The Asbury Park Convention Center
What: Representing The New Jersey Angler Magazines and selling subscriptions
Weather: Post-Monsoon

When Bill Donovan wrote me an email with the details of the show and reminded me it was Daylight Savings Time, I assured him it wasn't an issue. After all, being somewhat obsessive and mildy neurotic, I NEVER forget to change the clocks.

There's a first time for everything though..................

............but Divine Intervention would save the day.

At precisely 4am, our insane kitten and the call of nature woke me from slumber. Upon returning to bed, I was struck with the realization that it was actually 5am: the time I needed to be waking up.

I'm in good hands.

I woke Linday, who is nothing less than a saint for getting up before sunrise on a Sunday and keeping me company while I trudged down to the Jersey Shore during the aftermath of a monsoon only to hang around with a mob of mostly "the rough type" of fishermen for five hours. Thank you my love, really.

We had a good time though, and once again, Lindsay did much better at selling subscriptions than I did. We hung out with Bob J, who also writes for The NJ Angler, and I got to check out some of the best custom plug makers in the state.

Pretty cool.

After the show, we did some shopping in Asbury and ate in Ocean Grove.

We also intended to hang with Momma for awhile, who was arriving back home in Long Branch with Shirley and Bob via train after seeing the Mountaineers rock the Big East tourney in NYC (they're from West Virginia).

However, after arriving at the train station to pick them up, it soon became apparent they were going to be a bit late.

Everything happens for a reason though, as we needed some time to sleep.

Next stop: The Saltwater Expo in Somerset on Saturday the 20th and Sunday the's time to go fishing.

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