Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Fine Day On The Ice

 Chris with a nice Pompton Lake largemouth caught on a tip-up.

When: Sunday, January 17th, from 6:30am til noon
Where: Pompton Lake in Passaic County
What: Ice Fishing
Weather: High near 40, cloudy, NW wind 10mph, rained like hell when we left.

Either Chris and I are getting good at this, or Pompton Lake is just primed for ice fishing.

Or both.

When our day had ended and we were back in Jersey City, it took just a minute or two for Chris to get his gear out of my truck and back into his house. After a day of efficiently and safely getting on and off the ice and once again catching fish, he mentioned how we have really gotten this whole ice fishing thing down to a science.

And you know what? He's right.

Ice fishing can undoubtedly be more trouble than it's worth. Unlike a spring day, an angler needs more than a rod and a box of lures to be able to catch fish. Drills, tip-ups, scoops, bait buckets, sleds, lunch, coffee (coffee is key), bags of gear and sonar all have to be lugged out onto the ice, and finding a way to do this quickly and easily is part of the sport.

On that note, it is my firm belief that the success of a trip is determined well before I even set foot on the lake. I spend hours at home tying and crimping leaders, checking my gear, buying stuff (buying stuff is key), spooling reels, reading maps and weather reports and calling bait shops. If my gear is well-maintained and functioning properly and I have an idea of where I'm going to be fishing, what I'm going to be fishing for, where I'm going to get bait and what the weather's going to be like, my chances are that much better of catching fish.

So far this year, this has all worked perfectly.

We had another well-prepared-for and rewarding day on Pompton Lake. The action wasn't as fast an furious as it was last week, but we had 3 nice-sized largemouth bass in addition to an assortment of yellow and white perch, crappie and sunfish. Chris had two of the bass (and one we won't count), and I had the biggest. I guess that works out somehow.

Take a look at Chris's handiwork with the camera and the biggest bass that I've ever pulled through the ice.

...............................another fine day on the ice.

Chris with his second "quality" bass of the day.

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