Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The First Annual Fish Of The Year Award

Shortly after Lindsay pulled this walleye from the back of Byram Cove in Lake Hopatcong, I told her (although half-jokingly at the time) that she was in the lead for "The Fish of the Year Award."  Although I wasn't quite serious when I said this, I soon found myself desperately trying to best her impressive catch, and a competition had been born.  I had a few fish that were close in quality, but in the end, I had to humbly give her the nod for the nicest fish of 2009.

That being said, I am the sole judge of this contest, and all rules and regulations are completely open to my own interpretation.  The two biggest factors that went into my DMP (decision making process) were the type of species and the size of the fish in relation to that species.  I caught several bluefish, a couple striped bass and even 1 largemouth that were bigger than this walleye in the last 365 days, however, there is nothing special about a 12-lb. blue or a 27-inch linesider.  The largemouth was a few ounces north of 5-lbs and is this year's runner-up, but when I considered all the facts, I had to give credit where credit was due.

After months of putting together the pieces of how to fish Hopatcong, a slip bobber went down in the back of Byram Cove, and after a short, but well-handled fight, Lindsay landed the first walleye that either of us had caught from the big lake.  I had pulled walleye in NY state and have since caught one in Hopatcong, but this was a nice 5-lb. fish and a landmark one at that.  Although a 5+ pound largemouth is nothing to snooze at, it is not my biggest bass and barely my biggest one of the year.  The answer was clear...............
Congratulations to Lindsay for The Fish of the Year...........2009.

One last look at the runner-up........................


  1. Mazel Tov to Miss Lindsay on quite an achievement! Better luck next year Mr. Modo!