Sunday, December 6, 2009

Better Than Nothing

When: Sunday, December 6th, from 1pm to 3pm
Where: Pier by the Hyatt, Exchange Place, Jersey Cith
What: Fishing for stripers and tommycod with bloodworms and clams.
Weather: 40 degrees, sunny, 10mph wind from the NW.

I was pretty excited when I heard that small stripers were being caught off the Hudson piers...................until I caught one.

Chris had been out the week before on the pier in Hoboken and caught 4 small hake and 4 small stripers.  I intended to try the same locale, but after 20 minutes of being frazzled by the multitude of primo parking spots and not being able to decide which one was "just right," I decided to go back to Jersey City.

For the record, I hate Hoboken.

In any event, it seemed to be the same deal.  Chris told me he had a lot of hits from what must have been small fish, and I had the same experience.  I was getting bit every time the bait hit bottom, but the small striper that you see above was the only one to come over the rail. 

I also thought that I would be fishing incoming tide, but shortly after I arrived, I realized it was on it's way out.  All of the action came when it must have been full and it seemed as though the fish left with the water.  The faster it started moving, the quieter it got, and so I left.

I never take for granted how wonderful it is to have someplace close by to wet a line if I have a couple hours to kill.  It was cold, windy and I only caught one small fish, but I'll take being outside over sitting in front of a T.V any day.

Well........most any day.

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