Sunday, November 1, 2009

Should Have Went Crabbing

When: Sunday, November 1st, from 3pm to 7pm
Where: Exchange Place, Jersey City
What: Striper fishing with fresh bunker.
Weather: Cold and windy.

Once again, the Fishing Gods left me scratching my head. 

Approaching full moon, flood tide, the heart of the fall striper run, dusk........................and no fish.  Oh well.

There we were, hours before the start of game 4 of the World Series, two die-hard Phillie fans and a die-hard Yankee fan.  We did our best to get along for a little while, and managed to get a few friendly hours of fishing in before our teams squared off in a pivotal game. 

It was cool and breezy at the end of the pier by the Hyatt.  I've seen some big striped bass caught there, and figure that it's just a matter of time until I get mine.  This wasn't my time though. 

The stars seemed to be aligned, and I was confident that between the three of us, we could catch at least one fish.  I knew from reports that the bass were in the bay and the East River.  It would stand to reason that they'd be in the Hudson as well, but they either weren't around or weren't biting.

The crabs, however, were ferocious.

There is a distinct movement of a rod tip that gives away the fact that a crab is gnawing on your offering instead of a fish.  They aren't often hooked, but a shredded piece of bait confirms what you already suspected.  There was a lot of this happening on this particular evening, and I had the pleasure of liberating a large male that became entangled in my line.  Check out his big blue claws.  That's the sign of a man-crab and is where these tasty critters get their nickname, The Blue Claw Crab. 

Since I'm not too keen on dining on anything that calls the bottom of the Hudson River its home, I let this one go.

When darkness fell, we did have a few potentially small fish taking line from our reels, and once again, I was provided with solid evidence of what was lurking below.

This time, eels, and I once again had the pleasure of getting one back into the water.

Next time we'll go crabbing, and hopefully catch our striper.