Sunday, November 8, 2009

Point Mountain Reservation

When: Sunday, November 8th, from 9am to noon.
Where: Point Mountain Reservation, near Hackettstown and the Musconetcong River
What: Hiking
Weather: Unbelievable.  Got up to almost 70.

Another day, another hike, this time with friends.

Those "trout guys" I had been talking about also mentioned Point Mountain and the Musconetcong River, so when Lindsay suggested hiking there for the group-hike she was organizing, I was quite interested. 

It should come as no surprise that the route we followed was yet another "Hike of the Week" from the NYNJ Trail Conference.  With that hike in hand, we found ourselves in a gravel parking lot at 9am, a short distance from Point Mountain and the Musconetcong. 

The first 2 miles were more like a leisurely "nature walk," but followed the bank of the river for a distance and provided some spectacular views.  We saw a couple fly-fisherman, and I will definitely be paying this area another visit with my waders and my ultra-light.  The Musconetcong is a native trout stream, meaning that it has a naturally-reproducing trout population.  It is well protected and quite pretty, and with the efforts of groups such as The Musconetcong Watershed Association (MWA), has a promising future.  To learn more about this delicate and beautiful river and its tributaries, visit

Back to the hike.

After the first 2 miles, the trail turned vertical and headed straight up Point Mountain.  The few extra pounds that I'm carrying around tried their best to stop me, but I was able to make it up without too much trouble.  The rest of the gang made it as well and a nice couple snapped a pic of us on the overlook. Cheese.

A few minutes, a few peanuts and a liter of water later, we followed the trail along the ridge for a bit and eventually headed down and back to the gravel parking lot.  The 4ish mile hike took us just about 3 hours, which was an ample chunk of time since I had woken up at 1:30am Saturday morning because I was uber-amped to go striper fishing.  I was looking forward to some rest.

This was a great hike on a simply beautiful day for November.  OMG, November?

Well yes, but it felt more like Spring. 

Everyone involved had a great time and is looking forward to more hiking.  After some discussion, we're kicking around the idea of starting a hiking club...................

............and wethinks we have a name.

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