Saturday, November 7, 2009

Attack Of The Yellow-Eyed Monsters

When: Saturday, November 7th, from 6am to noon
Where: Boat left from Belmar, fished north near the Shrewsbury Rocks
What: Striper/Bluefishing
Weather: The mercury didn't crawl over 50, it was windy too.

For those of you who don't travel in fishing circles, the term "Yellow-Eyed Monster" refers to Pomatomus Saltatrix, more commonly known as the bluefish.

Although sought after and even prized by many anglers, striped bass fishermen have a different take on our friend the blue.  These often-abundant fish have been given their omnious nickname for their ability to take bait intended for a bass and to shear line with their piranha-esque incisors.

They put up one hell of a fight though.

Here's a bit of history for you...............................The largest fish that yours truly has successfully landed was indeed a bluefish.  It was probably a few pounds north of 20, which is quite a size for this species.  The other thing, however, is that I caught it when I was 11.  It recently occurred to me, that after all the fishing that I've done, that not only is my "big fish" a mere 20ish pounds, but I caught it two decades ago.

That being said, my best chance for felling this stale record is probably with a striped bass.  It was in the back of my mind that I had at least a shot on this particular day...........but instead.......all I caught was bluefish.

I am in no way complaining though.  It's actually been a few outings since I've had action like this and the bruiser that you see above is the biggest fish that I've caught in some time.  I probably landed a dozen and lost a few more.

It was a great day.

Next week, it's Rob's boat, and another chance at breaking a 20 year-old record.

I'm hoping that this time my 25lb. bass will become a reality, and not another visit by the Yellow-Eyed Monsters.

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