Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pat's Turn

When: Sunday, October 11th, from 7am to 11am
Where: Round Valley Reservoir, Hunterdon County
What: Trout fishing from the shore of the recreation area
Weather: Cold in the morning.  Sun came up and made it feel warm, although it was not warmer than 50.  Mostly sunny skies, temp was probably closing in on 60 when we left.

Pat had the hot hand today.

I normally tend to err on the side of having too much bait.  As a direct result, my previous failures at catching trout have afforded me a collection of pertrified jars of Berkely Power Bait that never got the chance to be eaten by a trout.  Being absolutely sure that this would happen again, I only brought one jar................

.............and was on my way to the bait shop by 9am.

Although the aforementioned migration of trout was not yet taking place, there were still fish within reach of the shore.  Pat scored almost instantly, but after that, our hook-up percentage plunged like the Red Sox did this October and we didn't land a fish for a couple hours.  Plenty of bites necessitated a "bait run," but as far as hooking fish, it was a little slow.

One of the main issues was that the "dough type" Powerbait seemed to be slipping off the hook with a little too much ease.  When I made my trip to Lebanon Sports on Route 22 (5 mins. from the lake), I procured the "marshmallow type" which seems to stay on the hook a bit better.

Pat's next bite was successful.

The action slowed down and since we both had things to do at home, we made an early exit.

Another perfect day with Pat.

I have to say that I have been getting much more pleasure heading West instead of North for my fishing endeavors these days (trips to Hopatcong being the exception here).  Although there were a lot of anglers, kayaks, boats and bird-watchers, it wasn't "too" crowded.  Also, Round Valley seems to be thriving.  There were a ton of fish breaking the surface, something that has been lacking in the lakes I have been visiting in the North, and I could see many a bent-rod along the shoreline.

Again, one of the main reasons for this seems to be the result of good conservation and hard work by the NJDEP Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Round Valley Trout Association.

Pat caught two beautiful fish, but since they weren't going to be eaten and were properly handled...................

...........they lived happily ever after.

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