Thursday, October 22, 2009

King Of The Lake

When: Thursday, October 22nd, from 8am to Noon
Where: Lake Hopatcong
Weather: Warm and Windy
What: Fishing with Lou Marcucci

Everyone has people they admire for being great at what they do.  Whether it be the ability to shoot a jump shot, play the guitar or look beautiful, our society is embedded with people who possess all levels of greatness.  As for me, being a huge fan of all things fishing and all things Hopatcong, one of my people is Lou Marcucci. 

And today I got to go fishing with him.

How cool is that?

From the first sparkle of my infatuation with this lake, I immediately noticed, upon investigation of the KDC website, that Lou is a top authority on how to fish it.  When I started bumping into him at the dock of Dow's boat rentals, his kindness and his willingness to impart his wisdom instantly made me a better fisherman.

As fishermen, our greatest  Luck, however, is not dependable, so knowledge is our best asset.  When I started fishing Lake Hopatcong in earnest just about two years ago, I didn't have a clue.  Yes, I could pull largemouth bass out of any pond that I could find shoreline on and take my share of fluke out of Raritan Bay, but as far as consistently catching quality fish on this gem of a lake, I was lost.

When I found the KDC website, I started to read how it's done.  When I met Lou, he showed me.

I sent Lou an email a few weeks before and asked him a few questions about how to jig the points for Walleye and Hybrids in the Fall.  I couldn't have been more excited when he offered to take me fishing.

We had a simply beautiful day for the end of October.  It was a bit windy, which made it a little tough, but Lou managed to catch two Walleye before it really picked up.  One of them was 6lbs., as you can see Lou weighing it above.  It was successfully released back to lake.

I didn't catch any fish, but once again, was the beneficiary of Lou's knowledge.  I'm going to do a repeat in a week with a couple of friends, and I every fish I catch on Lake Hopatcong, for a long time, I will have Lou to thank for.

Thank you Lou.


  1. It was a wonderful day to be outside and active in the temple of nature. Especially to spend it with a mentor and friend. I hear a lot of gratitude in this post. To experience and celebrate the glories of the day is truly a blessing.

    good stuff mark