Tuesday, September 8, 2009


When: Sunday, August 30th, from 11am to noon
Where: Deegan and Hinkle Lakes, Bridgeport, West Virginia
What: An hour of catfishing with egg sinkers and nightcrawlers.
Weather: Mostly sunny and warm with a beautiful breeze.

We stayed by Shirley and Bob on Saturday night after our long drive down to West Virginia. They are huge Mountaineer fans, wonderful cooks and wonderful hosts.

Thanks Guys!!!!

On Sunday morning, the ladies wanted to do some clothes shopping at Gabe's, and after racking my brain about how I was going to kill an hour or so, I decided that the best thing to do would be to go fishing.

Lindsay and I procured our temporary, non-resident fishing licenses (and some crawlers) from Wal-Mart and then parted ways.

Deegan and Hinkle Lakes were right down the hill, so it was easy for me to steal away for an hour while I waited for Lindsay so we could head down to Stonewall Jackson Lake.

I got a couple bites, no fish, but thoroughly enjoyed the peacefulness, the beautiful weather and mingling with the local children. They had a knack for catching turtles, and were eager to have me photograph them before they let them go.

I really had no intentions of getting any fishing done that morning. It was a nice little surprise and gave me some time to myself to start soaking in West Virginia and to look forward to the coming days on Stonewall Jackson Lake.

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