Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Redemption? Not Really

When: Wednesday, September 2nd
Where: Stonewall Jackson Lake, Roanoke, West Virginia
What: Fishing and boating.
Weather: Sunny and warm during the day, cool and calm at night.

This day began with a series of unfortunate events, but a few fish later in the day made the pain a little more bearable.

Coming in at number two on the daily list of mishaps was my 7ft. Rogue suddenly going from a one-piece to a two-piece. I put a small mark in it about a year earlier after resting it under a boat cleat on a dock at Round Valley Reservoir. Apparently, the wound was worse than I thought, and after 13 months of use, it died.

The uncontested number one mishap of the day was hooking, and promptly losing what would have yet again been my first musky. This lake is absolutely famous for its population of muskellunge, but I didn't really think that applied to little 'ol me fishing a cove from our campsite.

It did.

It was about 9am, and I was tossing a Booyah Boogie Bait in every direction from the small stretch of land that extended into the water from our site. I felt a ton of weight that started to pull, and when I looked in the water saw the tail of what was probably a 30 to 35 inch muskellunge. I made an error in judgment that gave him some slack line and he quickly disappeared.

To make myself feel better, I am going with the story that the fight on my medium action rod and 8lb. test would have weakened him beyond the point of resuscitation. So, you see, the fact that I lost this fish was due to its fate to survive and not my bush-league fish fighting.

After that, we took a pontoon boat out, where I was once again disappointed that the people at the marina were not going to let me hook one of the 35lb. carp that were eating dog food in front of the dock.

We took a nice long boat ride around this postcard of a lake and ended up trolling a huge Cotton Cordell in the hopes of once again hooking a monster.

Not a chance.

However, the campsite once again produced, and within minutes of returning I had caught two nice bass.

A small channel catfish took a liver during a brutal game of Scrabble.

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