Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just One Of Those Days

When: Saturday, September 19th, from 9am to 12pm
Where: The Hoffman Ponds, near Clinton, Hunterdon County
What: Bass Fishin'
Weather: High in the mid-60's, sunny, a little breeze, nice.

After the couple of times that we have gone, I have immediately taken a liking to fishing with Pat. We have a calm, relaxing time, we both appreciate the beauty of our surroundings, we have a lot of fun and laugh and each time I catch a giant bass.

Awhile back I asked someone who I have quickly grown to admire if he knew of any bass filled farm ponds in Hunterdon County, since it is his home turf. Although I didn't make it out there that time, he referred me to the Hoffman Ponds.

The day came that Pat and I were in the market for some shoreline, and I remembered what my new friend had told me. We wet the first line a little after 9am, and on the 3rd cast, in the shadow of a tree growing on what was instantly named "Bass Island," I set the hook on the hog largemouth bass that you see pictured above.

Moments later Pat landed the beautiful rainbow trout that you see pictured as well.

It would have been a perfect day if we had gone home at that point, but being our first time there, we wanted to uncover some of the other watering holes that are scattered about the park. This endeavor turned out to involve a lot more walking than fishing, seeing as we didn't know exactly where to find them. Any and all difficulty that we had could have been easily avoided if we had noticed the trough full of maps on our way in.

Oh well, I needed the exercise.

Probably an hour later, we found ourselves on the shore of the same pond where we started. We fished a little longer, and each added another bass to our tally, but it really didn't matter, our day had already been made.

This was a great day of fishing in a beautiful place with a great friend. The fact that we caught a few fish made it better. The fact that two of them were memorable made it great and the fact that we got a couple pictures and let them live made it perfect.

Thanks for the memory, Chris.

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