Monday, September 28, 2009


When: Saturday, September 26th, from 8am to 11:30am
Where: Palisades Interstate Park
What: Hiking with Lindsay and my sister
Weather: Cool but comfortable.

The day finally arrived when we were able to stop talking about hiking the Palisades and actually do it.  Once again, the three of us found ourselves up bright and early with another NYNJ Trail Conference "Hike of the Week" tucked in my back pocket.

We have made a habit of paying no mind to the difficulty of these hikes, as we have found them to be greatly overexaggerated.  On this particular hike, however, the mention of "rock scrambling" actually meant "rock scrambling."

A shiny nickel goes to anyone who can find me in this picture.

The first portion of this hike descends down long
switchbacks until the trail comes to rest along the shore of the mighty Hudson River, providing a spectacular panoramic view.

The next part of this hike is the tricky part, which includes, but is not limited to the Giant Stairs and two talus slopes, one of which you see pictured.

After this one mile stretch where you indeed need to be paying attention to where you put your feet, the rest of the hike was relatively easy.

As we reached the Peanut Leap Cascade it became apparent that it was not cascading due to a lack of heavy rain.  We did, however, take the time to explore the ruins of the Italian Gardens, which were built by someone who I have never heard of at a time that I don't remember.  The ruins included two rope swings which I believe were built more recently.  Janel and Lindsay took a swing while I took some pictures.

After this, it was all uphill back to the State Line Lookout where we had parked the car.

Another great hike had by all.


  1. Lorna and I hiked that park yesterday. We started at the Women's Federation monument and hiked down the white-blazed trail, then north till it ended, then the green trail back. 5mi total, but that doesn't count the numerous ~450ft changes in elevation.

  2. It's great up there Dave. It was a great hike and one of the steeper elevation changes I've experienced in awhile. A 5 mile loop is a good bit when you're going up and down like that. Check out the NYNJ Trail Conference website, there are tons of hikes on there.