Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bycatch Is Better Than No-Catch

When: Tuesday, September 1st, from 7pm to 11pm
Where: The Little Kanawha River, below the Burnsville Dam, near Burnsville, West Virginia
What: Catfishing with livers, crawlers and bluegills.
Weather: Calm and cool.

I was sure that this was going to be my night for a flathead.

It wasn't.

After spending the day hanging with the ghosts at the West Virginia State Lunatic Aslyum in Weston, we set up to catch my catfish in the same river that has seen the state record mud cat pulled from its depths.

We put in some time, but all the strikes found the rocks instead of the fish. Going weightless didn't work either.

It was mighty pretty here though.

The moon was starting to beef up at this point in the week, and the reflection over the shallow falls made for some spectacular views.

Aside from the surroundings, there was one other thing that made this night a memorable one. It is not every day, or every year for that matter that I catch a species of fish that I have never caught before. Unless someone tells me otherwise after looking at the picture above, to my best knowledge, the fish that I caught was a small sauger, which would be my first. I don't know very much about sauger except that they are a close relative of the walleye and like to reside in the tailwaters of dams, where I caught it.

Lindsay was much more successful in her endeavors this particular evening, trapping more than a dozen crawfish which we held onto in case we needed them for bait.

Mudbugs anyone?

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