Sunday, August 23, 2009

Testing, Part Two

When: Sunday, August 23rd, from 6am to 9am and 11am to 12pm
Where: Kay Pond near Chester, Burnham Park Pond in Morristown, Morris County
What: Bass fishing with soft-plastics and top waters.
Weather: Hot and sticky, like a wet sponge.

Note: I titled this entry "Testing" for two reasons, the first being that I was trying out some new lures. The second reason is that it was the title of the first entry of this blog, way back in January. The one or two people who have actually read back that far may see the relevance here. I started this blog to have some fun, to post some pictures and to practice my writing. I also started it because someone who knows more than me about finding jobs told me to, and thought that it was a good place to start as far as doing something that I am passionate about. Well, as it turns out, this here blog seems to have played a role in an opportunity that I have to do some writing for The New Jersey Angler Magazine. Since part of the reason that I started this was so that maybe someone would see it and ask me to do some writing for them, and that seems to have happened, I figured that I'd put a little bookmark in my entries, and call this "part two".

We headed out to Lindsay's Mom's for the night, and stopped at Burnham Park Pond in Morristown along the way. I had never fished there before and immediately realized that the shallow water and thick weeds were going to prevent me from trying out some of my new toys. Oh well!! Luck had it that I brought plenty of other ones.

We persisted for a couple hours despite the clouds threatening imminent doom, and although our efforts were fruitless, we would live to fish another day, which would be the next day, Sunday.

This time, we were headed out to Kay Pond, in Black River State Park.

Robert, aka "The Rocket," woke up with us at 5:30am to get an hour of fishing in before his sprint through the Water Gap. A quick tutorial didn't assist him in catching any fish, but did set the stage for a 15 minute tussle with a snapping turtle with a shell the size of a garbage can lid. Apparently, Yum worms are just as effective for reptiles.

Kay Pond also proved to be a bit shallow, but I managed to land 4 cookie-cutter largemouth bass on plastic worms.

After a nice breakfast, we were headed home, and made one last stop at Burnham Park Pond.

By this time the sun was well up, it was once again steamy, and the only signs of life were some carp making large swirls. I put in almost another hour, and actually managed to do something that isn't often done. I caught a fish on "the last cast."

So, the tally was 5 bass in just under 4 hours of fishing, not great by any standards, but still not a bad day.

I also had the opportunity to fish in two places that I have never wet a line in before, which is pretty cool in itself. We had great weather (for fishing), I had great company and most importantly, got to enjoy some of that sacred time where the only thing that I had to worry about was what was going on at the end of my line.