Monday, August 10, 2009

Divine Intervention

When: Sunday, August 9th, from 5am to 7am
Where: Jersey City to the Water Gap.......and right back
What: Second failed attempt at getting my sister to climb Mount Tammany
Weather: Wet

Bad weather is inevitable, and sometimes maybe even appropriate.

My sister has been looking forward to taking a 12+ mile hike through Worthington State Forest for some time. This would have been the third time in just over a year that I climbed Mount Tammany and stood on the shores of Sunfish Pond. It would finally be my sister's first.

That endeavor, however, would have to wait at least another 7 days.

As I was driving back from Furnace Lake in Oxford at 10pm the night before, I was undoubtedly calling my planning skills into question. I was wondering how I would manage an 8 hour hike on 5 hours of sleep. However, upon waking up just after 4am and having my first cup of coffee, my resolve was strengthened to the point to where I was looking forward to the task.

Mother Nature would have her way though.

I'm am in no way adverse to outdoor activities in the rain. However, when that activity is potentially 8 hours long and involves rock scrambling that is much easier done when the rocks aren't wet, I side with safety and comfort.

When I got home, I realized that there were things that I really needed to take care of. The fact that we got rained-out was definitely a blessing in disguise.

It is my firm belief that with every missed opportunity, another one presents itself.........and, that things do indeed happen for a reason.

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