Monday, July 20, 2009

The Hunt For The Jersey Devil

When: Friday, July17-Sunday, July 19th
Where: Wharton State Forest, New Jersey Pinelands, Atlantic County
What: The 2nd Annual Pine Barrens Extravaganza
Weather: The Gods smiled upon us.

Last year, in August, I decided to get a few people together to camp somewhere that I have always wanted to camp........the mythical New Jersey Pine Barrens.

We had a nice handful of people last year, and everyone had a good time.

This year, the number of interested parties doubled, and we once again found ourselves sitting around a campfire on the exact same campsite (and two others) that we spent a weekend just a year earlier.

This was simply a perfect weekend.

We talked, we cooked over a fire, we took a lazy tube-ride down a small tea-stained river and, if it couldn't get any better than that, we split early on Sunday and spent a day on the beach, in Avon, on the Jersey Shore.

I did a fair bit of organizing for this trip, which can be difficult at times, but by Friday evening, when everyone had made it down safely and the fire was burning, it was all well-worth it.

By Sunday evening, as I was taking a "final dip" in the Ocean, I once again became aware of just how blessed I really am. Here I was, ending a beautiful weekend, with a group of the best people I have ever met, who I consider all close friends.

I don't know how many of you reading this know what my life was like two years ago, but if you do, then you probably believe in miracles.

Peace and Love to Lindsay, and everyone else who made it down for this wonderful, wonderful weekend.