Monday, July 27, 2009

Dude, Where's My Bobber???

When: Sunday, July 26th, from 6am to 2pm
Where: The Delaware River and Watergate Pond, Warren County and Pennsylvania
What: Fishing with Lures, Herring and Hellgrammites
Weather: Storms passed by the time we started and waited until we were done. Hot and humid.

Pat seems to have caught the "fishing bug," and I couldn't be happier.

We met at the Visitor's Center at the end of Route 80. I had a bucket full of Herring that I had picked up from Musconetcong Bait and Boat, and Pat had some new gear that he needed to break in, a mission that he accomplished.

We didn't have any luck fishing the shoreline on the River, so we decided to take a ride up Old Mine Rd. to the Watergate Pond. It was a decision that would pay off.

Pat was the first to hook-up, landing a nice-sized pickerel on a spinner.

I was next with decent bass on a live herring.

I was in the process of drowning another herring and talking to Pat, when I noticed that my float had disappeared.

I was later reminded of my quote....."Dude, where's my bobber?"

I picked up the rod, set the hook and was convinced that I hooked the snapping turtle that I had seen swimming in the area. When the fish finally showed itself, I apparently had a picture-worthy look on my face.

The Largemouth Bass weighed in at 4.5 lbs., was photographed (several times) and successfully released back into Watergate Pond.

It was a gorgeous fish.

When we made it back to the Visitor Center at 10:30, Pat was headed over to Pennsylvania to fish with his son, and Brian met me with a bag of hellgrammites, ready to fish for some Smallmouth in the Delaware.

Sidenote: Hellgrammites, apparently candy for Smallmouth and Walleye, are the larvae of the Dobson Fly and possibly the nastiest creatures in the animal kingdom, especially when their pincers are attached to your finger, as I would find out later.

We headed over to Pennsylvania as well, and did some wading and shore fishing near Arrowhead Island. I scored one nice Smallie on a hellgrammite, and a smaller one as well. Brian caught a handful of little Smallies and a couple fat bluegill on the fly rod.

I had been up early, so I decided to end the day there, which turned out to be another good decision. I left and the lightning and hail arrived.

This was a great day, and it's always great to catch fish, especially big fish. However, even catching a few fish could not distract me from the fact that this area of New Jersey is stunningly beautiful. Pat and I both mentioned it and I snapped a shot of Brian on the River with Mount Tammany looming in the background.

This was an awesome day!!!!

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