Wednesday, July 8, 2009

After Hours

When: Monday, July 6th, from 7pm to 9:30pm
Where: Exchange Place, Jersey City
What: Fishing off the Hyatt Pier with Fresh Bunker
Weather: Nice. Probably low 80's, light breeze. Cooled a bit as the sun went down.

The summer is wonderful for many reasons, one of which being that the sun doesn't go down until well after I get out of work.

Ryan and I have been trying to get out on the pier to try and hook a Striper for the last few months. We finally found the time, but the Striper didn't cooperate.

I picked up fresh Bunker from Akira at TrueWorld on my way home from work, and we were set up and fishing by 7.

One Striper came over the rail while we were there, but it wasn't on the end of one of our lines. It was a beautiful night anyway. The weather was perfect, and you simply cannot get a better view of downtown Manhattan.

Anyway, it gave me some time to catch up with a good friend.

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