Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Boat Ride From Hell

When: Sunday, May 17th, from 6:30 am to 10am
Where: From Liberty State Park to Roamer Shoals (Raritan Bay) and back
What: A valiant attempt at Striped Bass fishing turned wet and scary boat ride
Weather: Very windy and not very warm (unfishable)

Once again, I was pretty psyched to catch some Stripers when I met Pat and Rob at the boat launch at Liberty State Park.

We knew that the weather was questionable, but felt confident that it would hold up as we motored underneath the Verranzano and out to Roamer Shoals.

We were wrong.

The wind progressively got stronger. When we finally made it out to the Shoals, we took one look at the much larger boats being tossed around by the rough bay and knew that we needed to head back home. We never baited a hook.

That little task however, was easier said than done. We rode down with a 10mph NW wind to our back, and were now heading straight back into it, at 20+ mph now. It was slow going, and a trip that should normally take 40 mins. took closer to 2 hours, the entire time being tossed around and drenched.

This was probably the most nerve-racking experience that I've ever had on the water. After getting back to Liberty State Park, savoring the hard dock under my feet and putting a warm dry fleece on, my biggest concern was having to wait three weeks to try it again.

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