Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Black River

When: Saturday, May 16th from 11am until 2pm
Where: The Black River Wildlife Management Area, near Chester, Morris County
What: Hiking and taking pictures with Lindsay and Janel
Weather: High around 70, not much wind

Lindsay grew up in Morris County.

As we drew closer to where we were going to be hiking, I could tell that her enthusiasm waned upon realizing that we were going to be hiking not far from where she spent her youth.

But all that changed.

I have been hiking in more than a few places in New Jersey, and this was probably the most surprising in regard to the type of terrain and diversity of the wildlife.

We left the car in a parking lot next to a historic mill on Country Road 513 (Tee-hee). The trail we followed (once again) was from a "Hike of the Week" taken from the NY/NJ Trail Conference website. We quickly found ourselves hiking along the Black River and some smaller tributaries, which led us to an old railroad bed, Kay's pond, and eventually a beautiful gorge.

Along the way we encountered toads, garter snakes, millipedes and a massive snapping turtle. A hike would not be complete for us with at least a few handfuls of pictures, so we took the opportunites that mother nature presented us with.

The above picture, taken by my beautiful girlfriend Lindsay, won the award for the Picture of the Day. It is an early favorite for Picture of the Year.

Look for it on a calendar near you.

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