Monday, May 4, 2009

New Waders

When: Saturday, May 2nd, from Noon until 8pm
Where: The South Branch of the Raritan River, near Flemington and near High Bridge
What: Fishing for Trout and Smallmouth Bass with an Ultra-Light and Small Spinners
Weather: High in the 60's. Not much wind on the river, partly cloudy

For the longest time I was convinced that I just didn't have any luck when it came to Trout Fishing. The first half-dozen times I went I did not catch a fish, and was pretty close to giving up. Then, I started picking up bits of useful information here and there, like Trout being line-shy and not readily biting anything on higher than 4-lb. test, and I slowly started to catch some fish.

As a result of my recent success catching Trout, I am starting to fish for them more often, and this past Friday went out and bought waders.

When fishing for Trout and Smallmouth Bass on the South Branch of the Raritan River, it always pays to have someone like Brian, who grew up in Tewksbury, and knows a few places to catch fish. We left Jersey City late by our standards, 10:30am, but fished until the sun went down.

Brian was fly-fishing and I fished with an Ultra-Light rod using various small spinners and trout worms. We were both equally successful, landing 5 trout apiece, a bunch of Mini-Smallmouths and some Sunnies.

This was only my second time wearing waders and my first time wearing ones that fit. It was a wonderful experience. One of my favorite things about fishing has always been the seclusion. Being in the wilderness gives me a sense of peace and tranquility that I cannot find doing many other things, and standing in the middle of the stream, that much further away from the hustle of everyday life, made it that much more enjoyable.

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