Friday, April 10, 2009

The Last Cast

When: Sunday, April 2nd from 12pm to 8pm
Where: Stone Tavern Lake and Assunpink Lake, Assunpink Wildlife Management Area, Near Allentown, Monmouth County
What: Everything (Shiners, Worms, Soft Plastics, Jerkbaits) off Chris's Canoe
Weather: High in the Upper 50's, Breezy, Wind 10-15 from the NE

Chris and I just did not want to give up. After 6 hours on the canoe only landed us a small sunfish, we tried the shore at Stone Tavern Lake, and Chris caught a small pickerel. For all of our effort, that would be the only action we would get that day.

Sometimes Mother Nature mixes up a recipe of wind and weather that makes it virtually impossible to catch fish. I've started to learn a little about weather patterns and fishing, but will still be damned if I know what makes the fish decide to bite. Chris and I were on Stone Tavern Lake this Sunday, and my father was floating on the Shrewsbury River with his friends trying to catch flounder. None of us, or anyone around us for that matter were catching fish. My father told me that the Party boats out of Atlantic Highlands even got the skunk.

Stone Tavern Lake was more crowded than I had ever seen it. The high winds prevented the guys who still think that there are fish in Assunpink Lake from fishing there, so they were all on other lakes.

Of course, even after 6 six hours of not catching fish, Chris and I had not lost our resolve. We put the canoe back on top of his truck, and set out to Assunpink Lake to prove my theory wrong. We caught nothing.

A sure-fire way to tell that a person is a true fisherman lies in reluctance to stop fishing. The hope of catching a fish has given me the drive to spend many fruitless hours on the water. I can remember spending 9 hours straight sitting On the Banks (tee-hee) of the Raritan River without even getting a goddamn bite. This was one of those days. Even though we were tired, hungry, that it was getting dark, that we had a long drive home and both had work the next day, it was just so damn hard to stop fishing.

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