Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Knee Deep

When: Tuesday, April 28th, from 6am to 1pm
Where: Lake Hopatcong
What: Lures and live Herring
Weather: Almost 90 degrees, windy, 15+ mph from the SW

There's something about motoring past Nolan's Point on a small boat as the sun is coming over the mountains that just never seems to get old.

I've been renting boats from Laurie at Dow's for over 10 years. Lake Hopatcong has become one of my favorite lakes to fish, and with the help of the people at the bait shop and the Knee-Deep Club, I'm slowly learning more about it.

My father and I were on the water by 6am on probably one of the nicest days that April has ever seen. It got a little windy in the afternoon, but the fact that it was 90 degrees didn't seem to make that matter too much.

We had most of our action in the back of Byram Cove. Lake Hopatcong still had plenty of stocked trout and a bunch of them were taking up residence in the back in Byram. We put 2 Browns and 2 Rainbows in the boat by casting and trolling Gold Phoebes. I lost a bigger Rainbow at the boat and my father managed to land a 20-inch Pickerel without it's teeth severing the 4lb. test leader. My father added a small bass, a small perch and a sunfish to round out our catch for the day.

Lake Hopatcong is the largest lake in New Jersey. It holds almost every type of fish that can be found in the State. Fishing this lake can be a daunting task, as, true to form, some areas hold a lot of fish and other areas hold none. Also, different times of the year bring different species of fish to life.

I suggest to anyone wishing to learn how to fish Lake Hopatcong to visit the Knee Deep Club's website at You can check the reports to see where the members are fishing, what they are using and what they are catching. Membership to the Knee Deep Club is inexpensive and allows you to attend their meetings, where you can learn a great deal about how to fish New Jersey's largest lake.

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