Thursday, March 19, 2009


Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Our hike had come to an end. We were on the outskirts of the property belonging to the Weis Ecology Center and were coming up to a field that lay just beyond a line of trees. When I looked through the trees, I saw a woman holding something quite spectacular.

The woman was holding "Kili," pictured above. After being assured that it was okay to approach and even take a few pics, we learned a few things about Kili.

Kili is a red-tailed hawk, and also a rescue bird that cannot be released into the wild. Red-tailed hawks can be found in New Jersey, but this bird came from South Dakota. Kili flew into power lines and was blinded in her right eye, thus preventing her from being able to be released. She is now used to educate children. Her handler has been working with her for ten years and we were fortunate enough to bump into them taking an afternoon stroll.


  1. Have u been up to Musconetcong Lake at all! It's a great bass lake and u can rent boats there.....

  2. Hey John,

    I used to fish there a lot more when I was younger. I took one of the boats from Bait and Boat last summer and pulled a nice bass through the weeds. I get my bait up there all the time. It is a great lake.